Learn About The Best Skin Tightening Treatments

Best Skin Tightening Treatments

We offer the best skin tightening treatments at our skin care clinic and with a variety of options; you can select the one that works the best for you.  As people age, it is incredibly common for the skin to start to sag.  This can be due to several reasons that include a loss of fat in the skin.  This has been made worse, in part, due to the skinny craze. Everyone is on a mission to be thin from twenty-year-olds to fifty-year-olds and while losing your love handles and bat wings is ideal, losing the fat in your face is not.  This can make you look far older than you are and counter the youthful effect of being thin in the first place.  After all a size two with sagging skin – doesn’t look youthful but rather tired and sometimes unhealthy.  You can help your face by staying at a thin, yet healthy weight for your body.  Next, visit our office for some fillers.

When the fat is eliminated from your face, every wrinkle, bump, and piece of sagging skin will only be emphasized for what can be an unattractive look.  This is where fillers come in.  Juvederm®, for example, can be inserted into specific areas of your face in order to add volume.  This can be ideal in your cheeks and even in spaces like around your chin and forehead since fat loss in these areas can also have a negative effect.  By filling in these spaces, the wrinkles and sagging skin will start to go away, and a healthy appearance will take its place. Even your jowls can appear less severe when using fillers.

By offering the best skin tightening treatments, we can also help sagging skin to become firmer by stimulating collagen production.  Collagen can change the actual density of your skin.  When more collagen is produced, your skin will become firmer, thicker, and tighter, like it was when you were younger.  This is not an illusion, but your skin is technically changed.  We accomplish this using a variety of methods.  One of the less invasive ways to do so is with TITAN®.  This solution is a heat therapy that stimulates collagen production.  The results can be incredibly effective without much irritation.

Those looking for more dramatic results may want to consider laser therapy.  We can use lasers to target the wrinkles or blemished skin in order to remove the outer layer (epidermis) where most of the problems are.  Underneath the surface layer of your skin is fresh and beautiful skin, and the laser heat will stimulate the collagen production here.  As a result, new beautiful skin will start to come through and can do so for up to a year.  The results can be truly dramatic, making this one of the best skin tightening treatments that we have seen.  Those looking for an alternative to this procedure may want to consider Ultratherapy® since ultrasound technology is used to penetrate below the surface of the skin and the recovery time is less than with laser therapy.

With so many options available, we recommend scheduling a consultation to determine what will work best for you.

Posted on: February 17, 2015 by fw2700