Learn About Anti Aging Skin Care With Stunning Results

Anti Aging Skin Care

If you are looking for anti aging skin care that produces real results, we have you covered.  In our clinic, we understand how looking your best can help you to feel your best.  While we offer a variety of comprehensive solutions that can tighten your skin, remove scars, eliminate wrinkles and more – improving your appearance can start with your daily skin care routine.

Most people buy face wash and lotion without ever thinking about what is in the products.  With use on a daily, and sometimes twice a day basis, these skin care products can make a major impact on how your skin looks and feels since every time you wash you are putting those chemicals directly on your face.  The problem is that most skin care products contain chemicals that are dangerous to your body and your skin.  The FDA has allowed products on the supermarket shelves that are banned all across Europe for being toxic and even causing cancer.  Meanwhile, unknowing shoppers are purchasing products that are killing their skin.  A perfect example is when you purchase a new cream or lotion only to find that it dries out your skin that much more – this is because of the harmful chemicals.

With that warning in mind, we suggest never buying a skin care product from the supermarket unless you know that it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients.  We have found that when our clients switch to our anti aging skin care lines, they see a dramatic improvement in the appearance and texture of their skin, so much so that additional procedures are often unnecessary.  This small change can make a world of difference by hydrating your skin and giving it the nutrients it needs to be healthy, rather than taking them away.

One of the anti aging skin care lines that we sell is IS Clinical.  Their scientific formula has been created and tested repeatedly until the desired results were achieved.  Their solutions like the SUPER SERUM ADVANCE+ has been proven to increase collagen production, reduce scar tissue and small stretch marks, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, solve pigmentation issues, and more.  The best part is that their products are paraben-free which means they do not have the harmful carcinogens found in most drug store brands.  Their solutions work by combining ingredients like L-ascorbic acid and a growth factor in order to make skin appear brighter, firmer and more youthful, in general.

We also sell NEOCUTIS, an anti-aging skin care line that is designed to treat the entire body.  Their solutions can be used on your face and your body, which makes it ideal for those who want to help all of their skin to look refreshed and youthful.  After all, when wearing a sundress, the appearance of your face is important but so is the appearance of your arms, chest, and legs.  With that in mind, this solution works because it includes a patented ingredient, PSP® or Processed Skin Cell Proteins.  This ingredient was previously used in wound healing, and now it is used in skin care to revitalize skin.

The options available to you are vast, so visit our clinic to discuss which solution is right for your immediate needs.

Posted on: February 3, 2015 by fw2700